The Team behind Shells

At Shells, our mission is to bring powerful computing to classrooms and homes across the World, removing barriers to the tools necessary to provide aspiration to the next generation of innovators. It is necessary to close the digital divide. Today.


We will work tirelessly to provide foundations for All to succeed through

computing advancements, innovation, and social empowerment.

Yielding to You: the innovator, creator, maintainer of the business world -- the Shells team will make a lasting impact by bringing Our collaborations


Meet the team

Alex Lee
Chief Executive Officer
Pharma ops/CFO of PIA, soccer enthusiast, & reddit comment king.
Mark Karpeles
Chief Technology Officer
I swear, I'm human just like you.
Zlatan Todorić
VP of Technology
Debian developer, former Purism CTO, history lover, quantum physics hippie.
Jeremy Vinai
Senior Engineer
Fight me in your favorite fighting game. If not, let's go drink and eat then!
Elliot Kim
Front End Engineer
I'd like to think the best of me, is still hiding up my sleeve.
James Han
Financial Analyst
Experienced in financial forecasting, & preparer of monthly financial analysis.