The Next Big Hit

Produce Your Next Chart-topper in the Cloud

A full digital audio studio, on any device. We’ve chopped and screwed music production and put the remix in the cloud.
Get Your Computer

Shells can also be used as your own personal file storage similar to Google drive, iCloud, and Dropbox. Music professionals have the ability to upload and save a great amount of music data like MP3’s, trackouts, waves, zip files, project files and more. You will have the access to your most complex files at any given time.

Compose your masterpiece in the Cloud

Your Shell comes pre-loaded with industry standard audio production apps like FL Studio, Mixx, and Audacity.

Easy encoding

Shells takes care of all the requirements needed to process your music. Speed is on your side, so any device is the best it can possibly be.

Infinitely portable

Shells runs on any device with an internet connection and a browser. Make beats on your living room TV then mix a track on your tablet or smartphone while riding the tour bus.

Up to date and always on

Hardware and software need regular upgrades and updates to stay current and secure. Shells are always up to date and powered up - the beat goes on and on with zero downtime and unlimited bandwidth.

Create without constraints

You connect to your Shell through a browser window or app, but don’t be fooled - you might as well be sitting in front of a full-spec computer, regardless of what device you’re physically using.

Seeing is believing

Shells transports the computing power of a high-end desktop computer into any device with a screen and an internet connection. See for yourself.

Benefits of Shells

Auto Save

Lost power or connection? No problem. Shells auto saves your work every x seconds.

Virus Resistant

Shells is security conscious. Take advantage of knowing the foundations of GNU/Linux is on your side.

Anytime Backups

Backup and restore to any point within the last 7 days. Your data is your data and stays secure within your account.

Powerful Processors

Our Pro tier can handle multitasking and run any programs required to create your masterpiece.

Fast and Reliable

Shells are always on, always up to date, and accessible anywhere you can connect to the web.

Professional-grade Software

Shells come pre-loaded with the same apps used by professional producers and entertainers.