Transform any device into a powerful, secure virtual desktop

Whether you want to code or create on your tablet or do your work on your TV, with Shells you can unlock the full performance and experience of a desktop computer on any device.

Launch any virtual desktop in less than five minutes!

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Access your homework from any device at home or school. No more sharing devices at home.



Test and deploy from one device. Multiple Linux distros to choose from!



Consolidate devices and work from anywhere with any device.

Small Businesses

Small Businesses

Simple and cost-effective infrastructure implementation without the need for IT experts.


Top-end technology at a fraction of the cost

Get access to computing performance worth thousands of dollars with plans that start as low as $5 a month. Whether it's an old chromebook from last year, the TV in the basement, or a tablet used for only Netflix, all of these devices can now be a brand new computer for you.

Enhance any device. With Shells, anything is possible!

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Work on your projects from any device

Powered by the cloud, you can download, store, access and edit your files on any device. Start a project on your phone during your bus journey home, and finish up right where you left off on your TV in the comfort of your living room. With Shells, your computer is with you anywhere, anytime.

Apps work how they should on Shells

Why choose between Mac or Windows functionality when you can get both? Access the desktop version of Microsoft Excel on your Apple iPad, or play that PC-only game on your Android phone, with Shells you’re no longer limited by device or operating system.

Stay secure,

wherever you are

Never worry again about losing your data because of a damaged or stolen device. Your Shells backs up automatically and is always safe in the cloud. Our firewalls and end-to-end encryption ensures your data will always stay private.

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Upgrades are easy

(and affordable!)

Forget about shelling out money for an expensive device and waiting for hours to transfer your data everytime you need to upgrade, with multiple plan options you can update your performance, speed and memory with just a click of a button. Best of all, your old devices don’t need to go to waste, turn them into a brand new computer with Shells!

Our past experiences help bring the future of computing to you

Our team has years of experience managing servers and infrastructure around the world, and we will continue to enhance and optimize our infrastructure to give you the best experience

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