Your Virtual Machine in 5 minutes. Seriously.

Shells provides the easiest and fastest virtual machines for your Linux server and Windows servers in the cloud. Develop, launch and scale your applications in an instant! Skip Dual Booting. Load your choice of OS instantly!

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Easily Accessible

Shells comes pre-equipped with a mobile terminal view and iOS and Android apps. You can also connect using any of your favorite protocols including ssh. No other provider provides as many simple accessibility options as Shells to date!

Deploy and Scale

With Shells, you can instantly launch any number of virtual machines in seconds. Never worry about scaling again.

Virtual Machines

Other cloud providers are managing dozens to hundreds of various infrastructures and products. We specialize on Virtual Machines - and it shows. Our benchmarks are significantly faster than our competitors. Focused effort breeds success!

Simple Pricing

We don’t mask our charges by hours and add-ons. It’s one simple monthly or yearly price. No surprises! Get your server, bandwidth, IP and backups without any additional cost!


With 24/7 helpdesk support and an IRC presence in #shells on the Freenode IRC network, you’ll never have a problem getting in touch with us!

Deploy Anywhere

Shells has a massive global presence with locations in: Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, New York, Amsterdram, & Tokyo.

… and more to come!


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