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Manjaro and Shells

Endless Opportunities

Access Manjaro from anywhere on any device with Shells

Get Your Manjaro Shell Now!

Personalize your Manjaro Shell

Dial in your Manjaro Shell exactly the way that you want it. You can rest assured that Manjaro is easy to use and stable, and you are in complete control of your environment.

Install Anything

There are thousands of software applications available in the software center such as FreeOffice, SoftMaker Office, LibreOffice, and more! The software is completely free.


Your Shell will come pre-loaded with the Manjaro image of your choice: XFCE, KDE, or Gnome.

Great Community

Anything is possible by bringing these two great communities together to collaborate and create something even better together.

The Power is Yours

One Click One Solution

Manjaro comes with its own tools that help you configure your computer the way you want.

Save Install Time

With Shells, you can have your Manjaro Shell up in less than five minutes on your computer, tablet, or anywhere you want!

Manjaro Speaks Your Language!

After you have your Manjaro Shell booted up, go to locale settings and select the language you want.

Change everything you need

This is the same Manjaro you know and love with all of the ability to configure, change, remove or replace whatever you like.

Artists & Home Users

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