Distance learning, delivered to any device

With Shells, you don’t need a dedicated laptop to learn from home. Turn any device with a web browser and an internet connection into a fully-functioning computer.

Get Your Computer

*7-day Money Back Guarantee

Multi device support

From Smart TVs and game consoles to tablets and smartphones, just connect a keyboard and mouse and Shells delivers the full computer experience.

Powered by the cloud

Shells takes thousands of sophisticated servers and transports their computing power into your device, regardless of its specifications. Even older devices can run as if they’re brand new when connected to Shells.

Safe & secure

Shells' executive team comes from the cybersecurity world, and Shells offers best in class security and encryption to ensure your data stays private.

A plan for any budget

Shells offers three plans, starting at just $4.95 a month, ensuring affordable access to a modern computer at the fraction of the cost of buying one.

Set up Shells in a few minutes with just a few clicks

Whether you're accessing Shells through a web browser or our iOS and Android apps -- setting up your Shells personal cloud computer is a breeze.

Get Your Computer

Dedicated Shells Support Team

Shells has a dedicated support team to assist with connecting public and private institutions to our virtual machines. Whether you're a new start-up providing new computers to employees, setting up distance learning programs, or administering virtual coding bootcamps -- at Shells, this is what we do! Let us make your life easier!

Virus resistant

Shells helps protect against viruses, malware, and exploits by keeping your Shell always up to date. With daily backups, you can find peace in knowing your data and your setup is safe and secure. Restore to any point in the past if anything goes wrong.

Auto save

Lost power or connection? No problem. With Shells, you can pick up wherever you left off. Your Shell stays running until you decide it's time to turn it off.

Professional grade software

Shells come preloaded with the same apps and tools used by school boards across the country.

Narrowing the digital divide

Shells aims to narrow the digital divide through programs and community campaigns to bring innovation, development, and learning on a platform you can depend on. With Shells, all the tools you need are right at your grasp.