By Shane Britt (Shells™)January 28th 2021

Doing what you love and enjoy brings you a greater sense of peace. Whether you're creating music, video, or programming, the tools you use should always work in your favor. We at Shells aim to spark a new wave of innovators in all the fields, especially music.

Your production setups are important, whether it be for music, programming, or video creation!

You can take advantage of utilizing Shell's hardware in the cloud to get those tunes right on point, and on any device.

We at Shells were lucky to interview a great production master in the underground hip-hop scene. 


Can you tell us (Shells) a little bit about yourself and what you do in the music community?
I go by Reddy Rell. I'm a producer and DJ mainly in the Hip Hop genre. I have DJ'd and produced with multiple artists like Tabius Tate (love and hip hop), Winners Circle, Coca Vango, Lil Flip/KingLife, Fugiano, Clay James, Eso XO, and more. I'm the founder of the most popular mixtape series/website in the world, hip hop TXL. I've also worked as a speaker/judge and DJ for coast 2 coast mixtapes/live events for the past 7 years. I have also traveled as the official DJ for the LFA MMA on-axis tv.

Have you used Shells for any music development? How would you rate it?
I use SHELLS to keep my workflow fully mobile. It's great for accessing large music files like waves and track outs. It also gives me the ability to mix them on my fl studio DAW using any device like a tablet in any location with the internet. The security is also a huge plus, all Shells data is automatically saved! Shells is a 10, it's a game-changer, and its capabilities are growing even further. It's A must-have for traveling musicians.

How would you say Shells can help the next generation of music artists get to where they want to be?
I say Shells is the next generation. The ability to work from anywhere in the future. It's all about mobility. Musicians no longer depend on large studios to clock into.

What's some advice you'd give to inspire the next wave of music artists?
Always make the music that feels good to you, although know what the people want so you can mix up a great recipe to serve.

Are you a computer genius? How do Shells help in regards to your level of computing?
I'm no computer genius. Shells desktop layout and search bar are extremely user-friendly. It provides common apps and has direct functions for general computer uses.

Does working on music without the fear of losing your progress change your process?
Big time! That's the key to workflow! I have worked on unstable hardware/computers and it is not fun haha!

What do you do with all the RAM (Memory) shells to save your home PC while you compose music?
It allows me to use self-recording apps like Twitch with little interference.

Do you let hardware limitations affect how you create? How have Shells changed this?
Shells give me the power to use a desktop DAW app on any device. Not the mobile app version, the desktop version!

Have Shells changed the way you collaborate on music remotely?
Yes. I have mixed full songs on the go. No waiting to open my desktop or laptop. I'm at a complete advantage when it comes to workflow.

How would you make Shells better for everybody?
I think the Shells operation system for media apps will get stronger with time. At this point, there isn't much more to ask of it. It's right on point!