Shells is multihomed across 3 geographic datacenters and growing. All shells are on our own hardware, and our network is currently equipped with 300Gbps of transit. Shells was built by seasoned network and software architects, so you can rest assured that systems are designed with all of the latest industry standards for security and efficiency alike.

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Shells gives you access to your own fully functional computer that runs in the cloud and stays running even when you’re not connected to it. Run all of your favorite applications, including Firefox, Slack, Discord, IRC and more. Every Shell is a completely separate cloud computer and is accessible from your desktop and mobile device, all through a web browser. If you have a tablet like an iPad or any smartphone like an iPhone or Galaxy with a web browser, just connect your phone to your TV and use an external keyboard and mouse to get a full computer!

Browse the web, download big files, design websites, watch movies, design graphics, develop software, test, and run software in a separate, powerful cloud environment. The possibilities are limitless!